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Mike and his crew are wonderful!!! Mike is super flexible and easy to get a hold of. He responds to texts RIGHT AWAY. He's super down to earth and easy to talk to. Our group had to cancel our reservation 2 hours before due to the rain, and Mike was so kind and super understanding. I texted him 2 days after to reschedule, and he was super cool about it. No charge for cancellation/rescheduling and definitely no deposit needed ahead of time.

We had a bunch of children (ages 3-8) that tagged along with their parents. I was worried they would be bored since they couldn't play. However, Mike and his crew helped entertain the kids by rolling them around the bubbles while the adults were resting between games. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate Mike and his crew. Will definitely seek for their service for future events like this. I could have given him 10 STARS if there were an option for that! =)


This was worth every penny!!! The two guys that came out were energetic and very funny. It was my fathers bday and my sisters and I had no clue what to get him. We came across la bubble soccer and decided to give it a shot. My dad loved it and had so much fun. We did more games than just soccer. I highly recommend them and would definitely contract them again! Thank you gentleman :)


OMG Everyone should try this at least once!! Best time ever!! Mike and his staff were extremely professional, very kind, and super fun, all of his game suggestions were fun! We rented these for Easter Sunday, and let me tell you it was the best money we ever spent on our family... Everyone keeps talking about how much fun they had even though they were all super tired LOL

Lena J.
Santa Ana, CA

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-Marghot G.
La Puente, CA

-Ekeli F.
 Redondo Beach, CA

-K J.
Altadena, CA

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My 12 year old and his friends had a GREAT time playing Bubble Soccer at the Rose Bowl for his BIRTHDAY! Mike's crew were amazing and super sweet with the kids. Super polite, helpful, and just the right amount of HUMPH to get the crowd of 12 boys organized and in line to play lots of fun games, not just soccer. They also brought a huge speaker that we connected our phones to with bluetooth and played tunes for the party.
Mike is VERY responsive to texts, communicated well, and had everything lined up for us! Thanks a ton, HIGHLY recommended! Birthday my kids will remember!

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