Bubble Ball (Zorb Soccer) in Los Angeles

If you’re wondering where to go zorbing in Los Angeles, you are not alone. There’s a sport that brings zorbing to another level, and it’s taking the country by storm. Luckily, Los Angeles is the best place for this revolutionary new sport. It goes by many names, all of which try to capture a unique aspect of this whacky new twist on an old formula. It’s been called knockerball because of the popular strategy of acting as a human wrecking ball and knocking everyone over. It’s also known as zorb ball because each player is encased in a transparent plastic ball, often called, of course, a zorb. We tend to call it bubble soccer, which neatly encapsulates exactly what the sport is all about.  

Our bubble soccer in Los Angeles rentals are the best way to get your own taste of this increasingly popular activity. While the game’s rules are nearly identical to that of traditional American soccer, the additional feature of the bubble ball suit entirely changes the experience of the game. While it may seem like a minor addition, once you find yourself on the field encased in a bubble, you’ll feel the difference. Plus, unlike in football, getting tackled in bubble soccer is extremely fun. 

Zorb soccer in Los Angeles is a team sport, so it’s more enjoyable when you play with friends or family. At LA Bubble Soccer, you can bring your friends and family along for a great outdoor activity that suits just about any occasion. Invite your coworkers for an unforgettable bonding experience, throw a party for a friend or family member’s birthday, or get rambunctious with your best mates before one of them finally tie the knot. We’ll show everyone you bring along why our bubble soccer Los Angeles rentals are the best way to experience the new craze. 

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Bubble Ball (Zorb Soccer) in Los Angeles